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Decorative lighting for the home (part 2)

Top quality materials and manufacturing, a flair for technology and design and a prestigious brand name: these are the elements that combine to make MASIERO unique.

Decorative lighting for the home (part 2)

Continuing the analysis of previus article (see here), after Entraces, Living rooms and Kitchens, we can take a look of all the other main rooms of the house in which Nappe collection by Masiero lends itself to be used, perfect for decorating and illuminating with LED sources.


As with the islands and peninsulas of the kitchens, Nappe di Masiero is perfect for lighting the dining room, especially as the main lighting above the dining table. It is not difficult to find the suitable solution with Nappe because it allows you to create groups of linear and circular lamps, imaginative and original, capable of giving a fresh and cheerful atmosphere thanks to the many finishes and decorations of the lampshades.

The Nappe suspensions also allow accent lights on shelves and tables, contributing to the general atmosphere.

Stairs and corridors

The lighting of stairs and corridors is often overlooked but these are fundamental passage areas that require decorative lighting that can also guarantee safety and freedom of movement.

Nappe wall lights are perfect for giving originality to corridors and flights of stairs.

But above all Nappe allows you to create "cascades of light" in the stairwells, both with small and extra large suspensions, playing with the length of the suspension cables, creating pleasant decorative solutions that can be perceived by the whole house and useful for illuminating the spaces.


The bedrooms are an expression of intimacy and privacy. For this reason, choosing lamps that remain faithful to the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility of the room such as Nappe di Masiero is an adequate solution.

Placing wall lamps on the sides of the bed could be an idea, or suspensions on the bedside tables, thus giving functionality to the spaces.


The kids room needs multiple lighting levels. For the more decorative aspects Nappe is the suitable solution on the sides of the bed and on the bedside table, assisting the general lighting and that dedicated to the desk where the children spend hours writing, reading and studying.

Studies – Home Offices

Also in this room (or dedicated space) many hours are devoted to reading and writing. In addition to giving the right functionality, lighting sources that can instill a pleasant feeling of comfort must be used. Working well and in total relaxation and creating the right atmosphere for this purpose is fundamental. Nappe is the perfect collection of lamps to create soft ambient lighting.


Functionality is the password when it comes to lighting the bathroom. The bathroom can be used in the most varied moments during the day and depending on use, the lighting must be designed to be comfortable and also functional with the appropriate amounts of light.

In this context, the Nappe wall lights placed above or on the sides of the mirror are perfect for giving a decorative and intimate touch to the environment.

Naturally, natural light is of fundamental importance for the lighting of the home and also in this the Nappe collection is a pleasant solution. In fact, when illuminated by natural light, Nappe by Masiero, with their sculptural forms, refined finishes, velvety colors, glass and metal decorations give beauty and personality to the environments in which they are placed.

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