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Decorative lighting for the home (part 1)

Top quality materials and manufacturing, a flair for technology and design and a prestigious brand name: these are the elements that combine to make MASIERO unique.

Decorative lighting for the home (part 1)

As all interior designers and architects know, light plays a fundamental role in the personalization of all spaces, even residential ones. Using different types of decorative lighting for each room means creating different atmospheres thus enhancing every corner of the home.

Lighting a house both inside and out, with suitable design lamps, is almost like giving light to a work of art, something unique and above all personal.

 It is important to make homes hospitable, livable and memorable and the choice of the most suitable lighting solutions is fundamental. Positioning the lamps in the right places gives functionality and creates decorative effects to obtain a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in any environment.

Let's take a look at the main rooms of the house.

The Nappe collection by Masiero lends itself to be used in all the main rooms of the house, perfect for decorating, full of multiple colors and finishes, and illuminating with LED sources.


The entrance is the ideal place to impress the first feeling of hospitality and make a declaration of style.

The Nappe wall lights, used as an accent light, are the ideal solution to welcome guests with originality and immediately create a pleasant atmosphere of hospitality.

The applique, assisting the main diffused lighting, give greater brightness by emphasizing some points (on the sides of a mirror for example) with the so-called "Accent lighting".

Living room

The living room is the most important common area: it brings the family together in moments of relaxation and conviviality and is also the place where guests are received and made to sit. Therefore this area needs an elegant lighting solution suitable for any occasion and activity.

The lighting is one with the furniture and layout provided. A chandelier will be needed, suitable for illuminating the environment in general, creating a focal point of visual impact in space. Or it will be possible to place a group of suspensions such as Masiero's Nappe XL, extremely decorative, capable of harmonizing with the furnishings and colors of the walls, fabrics and used furniture.

The important dimensions, characterized by simple and recognizable geometric shapes, give a strong stage presence but without oppressing, blending perfectly with the environment.


Today the kitchen is used for various activities and for this reason it can adopt multiple lighting solutions.

In this area there are workstations and tables for the preparation and consumption of food, therefore lamps are needed that can provide optimal gradations of ambient lighting, accent lighting and above all task lighting. The goal is to be able to work comfortably in an adequate light by fully experiencing this environment.

The Nappe suspensions, in the various group configurations or individually - even in larger versions if the height of the ceiling allows - are perfect for being placed on the islands and peninsulas of kitchens, right where it is prepared and consumed.

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