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Devina Nais

The essence of wood declined to contemporary furnishings.

Devina Nais proposals take inspiration from the essence of the most noble raw material: wood. Always in equilibrium between romanticism of tradition and the hazard of innovation, creating new furniture cults combining materials, techniques and shapes which honor the engaging power of nature. Devina Nais proposals, through different styles and many finishes, are able to instill personality both to a classical and majestic furniture and a space with essential and modern design. Whatever style you may have, you would definitely fall in love with wood and leather once you have discovered the incredible potentiality that these timeless materials hold. Devina Nais follow all the phases of production daily, starting from raw material in order to guarantee a unique and high-quality product.

The home, the place where you live, an emotional shelter. The home and its style told through the selection of objects and furniture. A long journey into design and aesthetic research, to express what we are. Devina Nais tells different lifestyles to live your home with creativity. To design and realize furniture, making values such as high handcrafted quality and design within everyone’s reach. Devina Nais’s production is not serial: each piece is cut and hand finished rounding off the details. Raw materials are selected for their uniqueness, where a “flaw” is not considered as such, quite the opposite it’s an integral part of the final effect we want to achieve. Production, which recalls techniques and precision of carpenters of other times, can instill to the models presented a forgotten taste, which recalls little and great delights to be shared.

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