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Three companies with different stories and years of artisanal experience, engage in cooperation wanting to support an everyday dynamic style in a unique and coordinated project: ABITA by Astor Mobili, Biba Salotti and Tagliabue Mobili.

ABITA a project able to “build” new functional scenarios and customisable furniture. Astor Mobili, Biba Salotti and Tagliabue Mobili are all strongly specialised in different sectors of interior furnishings. Day zones with living room furniture, armchairs and sofas. Night zones with beds, wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes and interior furnishing accessories. The many years of experience in different contexts increases design flexibility, multiplies the possible combinations, thereby offering clients new coordinated interior design solutions.

The layouts that we propose can be developed in different sizes, shapes and for different sized rooms, and can be customised for a showroom or a retail space. Each and every detail, the choice of material and chromatic combinations, the selection of lamps and rugs, the creation of decorative and informative panels, are all part of a customised and coordinated project.

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