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The role of lighting (reason 1)

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The role of lighting (reason 1)

When you cross the threshold of a room, what immediately strikes the eye and involves the viewer is lighting. This is because light has always been an indicator par excellence of the mood of a place and its degree of welcome.

Beyond that, lighting changes our perception of spaces and atmosphere.

This is the reason why private individuals and interior designers nowadays invest their time and money in lighting design projects for private homes, restaurants and clubs, accommodation facilities and hotels, as well as for shops and retail environments.

But what are the main reasons why it is worth investing in a decorative lighting project?

There are above all 5 reasons why the role of lighting in the design of an environment is important, that is, how light combined with design is able to make any type of setting and furnishing scenario more pleasant and comfortable, as well as more engaging to visual and sensory level.

If installed correctly:

Reason 1. Lighting allows you to manage the color

Reason 2. Lighting ensures functionality and safety

Reason 3. Lighting expands spaces on a perceptual level

Reason 4. Lighting ensures directional and homogeneous brightness in every place

Reason 5. Lighting changes the mood and atmosphere of the environment

Let’s see the first reason.

Reason 1. Manage the color

The use of lighting can emphasize or dampen the chromatic charge of the colors chosen to paint a room. The darker colors make the rooms smaller and narrower, while the light colored walls instill an exactly opposite perception.

The illusion of space is defined by the light reflected on the surfaces and walls. Some light bodies contribute to amplifying this type of "perceptual illusion", further illuminating the walls.

In addition, directional lighting, given for example by track lights or suspensions, can dampen the visual accent of the colors of the walls.

Other valid solutions to manage the impact of colors are recessed lamps, which guarantee a soft and descending glow that tends to give greater brightness to floors, rather than walls.

To give an additional touch of color to the furnishing context, for example, you can opt for wall lamps with “material” finishes, also combined with the furnishings: in this way, in addition to breaking the chromatic continuity of the walls, this type of lamp introduces a functional light point in the room.

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