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oroNero, the wallpaper is glamrock!

Give more value to your spaces with a new interpretation of a classic wallcovering, which mixes up ideas and styles, creating original, seductive and unique aesthetic-conceptual combinations.

oroNero, the wallpaper is glamrock!

oroNero is the new precious and exclusive wallpaper collection by Instabile Lab.

Crystals, paillettes and glitter and a new limited edition "Oro Prestige" support are the ingredients that Instabile Lab uses to go once again beyond the limits.

Design & fashion merge together, creating a captivating combination that does not go unnoticed.

The Skull, corporate visual icon, is declined in four innovative "Glamrock" versions for a decorative application on the wall.

The new collection is printed on a special prestige gold paper in limited edition. It permits to create a personal style matching accessories to embellish the interiors. Four skulls on six backgrounds themes: these are the combinations of oroNero. 

The icon “skull”, is an accessory, handcrafted, so every decoration is different, giving the part of its uniqueness. Beeing an accessory it can be used or not as icon. But the main focus remain the special support “gold prestige”, that can be printed with a dedicated portfolio of thirty new graphics that integrates the collection oroNero.

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